The Lark Group is currently closed to queries. We will re-open in the Fall of 2017. Please check this space for updates! 

We're interested in adult literary and commercial projects that pull us in and keep us up at night.

Please read our guidelines before sending your query.

Query Guidelines


What We Want

  • Adult literary fiction and adult commercial fiction (including historical fiction, women's fiction, mysteries, and thrillers)

  • Queries that clearly state what the book is, what it's about, how long it is, and who it's by

  • Queries with the subject "Query: [Title]"

  • Polished, proofread, and enthusiastic queries

What We Don't Want

  • Nonfiction, children's books, or screenplays

  • Unsolicited manuscripts sent without a query letter (we won't read them)

  • Queries for books that aren't yet written 

  • Queries with attachments (we won't open them)